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The perfect tailgate accessory.

All About Z-Bench Tailgate Step Uses

Z-Bench pickup truck tailgate steps are a safe and simple way to use a truck to the fullest, whether work or play. I cannot believe somebody had not thought of this sooner!

—Max, Orange, CA

A truck tailgate bench

Ever since the invention of the tailgate, truck owners have been using it as a place to sit down after a long day of work or play. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on the tailgates and over time can actually damage the hinges and cables (you would be surprised how many replacement tailgate cables get sold each year!) Z-Bench created a patented design that takes the pressure off and protects your tailgate, while allowing you and your family to put your feet firmly on the ground and recline on the backrest.

Pickup truck tailgate step

Getting in and out of your pickup truck bed via the tailgate is not that difficult for most of us when our hands are empty. But when you need to carry things up and load your truck bed from within the bed, not just from street-high, it can be quite a challenge. Z-Bench provides a handy, sturdy step to access your truck bed with ease. It is great for stability while doing construction work or just moving. Z-Bench actually transforms your truck into a mini-toybox since loading your motorcycle does not get safer than using Z-Bench with a ramp.

A truck bed cargo hold

Whether you call it a cargo cage, cargo box, or just plain cargo holder, every truck owner knows they can always use a convenient method of securing stuff from slipping around in their truck bed while driving. Z-Bench bends over backwards, literally, to convert into a handy cargo hold. Z-bench is large enough to fit 2 sets of golf clubs and locks in place so you will not need to worry about it accidentally spilling. No more flimsy nets or bungy cords, with a Z-Bench your cargo will stay where you want it to stay.

A truck tailgate table

Using your truck for work or play, you have probably found yourself using the tailgate of your truck as an impromptu table top. Perhaps you have perched on the tailgate to have lunch, or used it so spread out a map or a set of plans, in any case, it was probably not comfortable or very convenient. With Z-Bench, you can now convert your pickup truck tailgate into your own portable desk or counter. Use it for a picnic, let your kids play boardgames on it while camping, gut fish, lay out your blueprints, you name it.

FAQs About Z-Bench Step

What if I wanted to remove the Z-Bench step to store it? Is it difficult to remove it from my pickup truck tailgate?

As you know, the Z-Bench installation is a snap, and removal for storage is easy as well. Once mounted, Z-Bench is removed by just quickly pulling two (2) strong mounting pins. Z-Bench is also easy to store. The largest width dimension is 52 inches, by 17 inches deep, by 3.5 inches high. Three and a half inches folded flat when not in use! So not only does it hug your tailgate and not take up truck bed space on the go, you can store it in your garage, a closet, or even under your bed.

Will Z-Bench damage my pickup truck tailgate, tailgate hinges, or truck shocks?

The patented design of the Z-Bench step is the thing that protects your truck from tailgate wear and tear. The "One Touch" self-adjusting legs connect the seat loading on the Z-Bench straight to the ground. Thus, your tailgate cables, hinges, and truck shocks are simply removed from the load equation. You can jump on deployed Z-Bench and your truck bed will not bounce. The bed will not move at all. Since almost all of the Z-Bench step is made of extruded stadium bleacher aluminum, it is rated to carry some of the heaviest loads.

What is the maximum weight rating of the Z-Bench step?

Though Z-Bench has been shown to handle up to 1,200 pounds, we recommend sticking to 600 pounds for extra safety. Z-Bench itself is lightweight at only 25 pounds on hinges so the full weight is never applied (just like your 100-pound tailgate), so people with arm or back disabilities can also easily fold it out. You can see that it is strong and sturdy enough to easily handle daily construction loads, as well as any group of campers or tailgaters you wish to seat upon it.

Will Z-Bench fit on my particular size and brand of pickup truck?

Z-Bench has been installed on and approved for use on most trucks. Z-Bench has been tested on all makes of mid-sized and full-sized pickup truck tailgates: Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Nissan, and Toyota. We have even installed Z-Bench on Cadillac Escalade, Honda Ridgeline, Hummer H3 Truck, and Mazda B Series. Z-Bench will fit your truck as long as your feet do not touch the ground when you sit on your tailgate on level ground, or if lift kits do not increase distance from the ground to the top of the deployed tailgate to more than about 48 inches. That is as much as an 8-inch lift with 37-inch tires!

What is Z-Bench made of?

Z-Bench tailgate seating is made of the same extruded aluminum seating material as is used for bleachers and stadiums, in major sports arenas, and NASCAR raceways. The NFL football players' benches are the same thing. It is strong.