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The perfect tailgate accessory.

Z-Bench Tailgate Step

Any pickup truck accessory that makes life simpler and safer is worth having. Z-Bench tailgate step does just that. It attaches quickly and easily to your tailgate and lets you use it as an extremely safe and sturdy step, a bench, a table, or even as a cargo holder. Can you load your dogs or seat 3 people comfortably on a clunky, narrow hitch step?

Z-Bench also comes with a quick release for easy detachment and convenient storage. Though built of super-strong extruded stadium aluminum, it has very thin folded dimensions that will fit any garage space.

For less than 1/3 of the cost of a reasonable tonneau cover, Z-Bench is one of those great truck accessories that is handy from the campground to the tailgating party parking lot and belongs on every holiday shopping list.

Truck Tailgate Sizes

This is perhaps the most common concern of all: Will Z-Bench properly fit my pickup truck tailgate width dimension? The answer is simple: Yes.

Z-Bench tailgate step was specifically designed to be accommodated by all recent model trucks currently on the road, which are a subset of the older trucks, so Z-Bench fits those trucks too. A hitch step relies upon one standard plug size and comes in one long extension. Not one-size-fits-all, Z-Bench makes 3 widths of tailgate steps that will fit easily, without needing special acrobatics to quickly install our fold-out tailgate bench.

Simply proceed to the Contact page which contains a form with all of the questions needed to select the proper size for your pickup truck tailgate.

Installation is a Snap!

Z-Bench installation can be done in fewer than 7 minutes and 32 seconds (our best time). Just 9 drill holes and screws, plus a customized nylon melt-through, and done.

With Z-Bench tailgate step, there is no assembly required, it just needs to be attached to your pickup truck tailgate. Even pickup trucks with eight-inch lift kits and tailgates as high as 45 inches above the ground can enjoy the Z-Bench as a tailgate step, bench, and outdoor table.

Keep in mind that with the legs deployed, all weight on the Z-Bench is directed straight to the ground. That means no extension wear on your pickup truck tailgate hinges, and not an ounce, none, ZERO additional tension on your tailgate cables. Pretty solid, handling static test loads of over 1,000 pounds.